The Galveston Diet – Put A Break On Menopause Weight Gain!

The Galveston Diet

People gain weight at different stages of their lives either through an unhealthy lifestyle or hormonal imbalance. For women, it is common to gain weight during menopause.

A diet plan was made to overcome this problem that aimed at reversing this usual trend. Following a healthy diet plan comprising of lean proteins and low carb foods is what the diet plan is all about. We call it the Galveston Diet plan.

There is no better diet plan than Galveston Diet to support menopausal women to bring down the excess fat that they have been gaining.

What Is This Galveston Diet?

The Galveston Diet

With Galveston Diet, women with menopause will be able to lose their unwanted weight by fighting inflammation instead of cutting calories from the food they intake.

A sustainable weight loss is what every woman dreams of in their entire life. These dreams become wants and needs for many when they are in their middle age and are dealing with menopausal weight gain.

Even though there has been no scientific evidence or studies to prove that the Galveston Diet is an effective weight loss support plan,  women who have gone through positive results following the Galveston diet are numerous.

What more you need to know about the creator?

Mary Claire Haver

The Galveston Diet plan was planned and structured by Mary Claire Haver, MD, board-certified OB-GYN. The creator graduated from the Louisiana State University Health Center and her diet plan was meant to lower the symptoms that caused menopause.

She has been practicing on women’s health and that led her to unveil this effective Galveston Diet plan that she is the founder and creator of. Her diet plan has helped a lot of middle-aged women to solve their weight gain and menopausal symptoms that have been bad.

Her plan emphasizes that there are certain foods that you need to eat and avoid eating. It also clearly shows how intermittent fasting has been a vital key to its success.

The plan can solve your menopausal symptom like hot flashes. The core of the diet plan is to reduce inflammations by limiting eating hours and avoiding and reducing the consumption of certain foods that activate inflammation. Sugar and Gluten are considered as the inflammation triggering foods.

What to include in your diet?

galveston diet

Now, let’s discuss the foods that you need to be eating while on a Galveston diet.

Beginning with Non-vegetarian foods to eat, you need to care and take only lean proteins and avoid saturated fat that forces you towards weight gain. Salmon, Lean grass-fed beef, lean turkey, and chicken are perfect food that you need to be following while on a Galveston Diet.

Talking about the perfect veggies that are a must-have for your Galveston Diet, you need to be using low starchy veggies enriched with antioxidants that can fight inflammation. Adding Spinach, Broccoli, Celery, Tomatoes, Cauliflower, and Zucchini will be a wise decision when you are following the Galveston Diet Plan.

Fruits are also a great add-on to your Galveston Diet and, you must be concerned about those fruits that are high in sugar. So, make sure you look for fruits that are having very low sugar and has a high antioxidant content. Adding berries like Strawberries, Raspberries, and Blueberries to your diet will be a viable solution to support your excess weight gain problems during menopause.

It is not a good idea to avoid fat completely, so you must have some unsaturated fats that are healthier when weight loss is your top priority. Adding Avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nuts like almonds and other seeds will do a great deal when it comes to weight loss. If so, Acidaburn may be of interest to you. This product claims that everything you’ve known about weight loss is a pure lie. That’s why most people have a hard time achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.

What to avoid from your diet?

galveston diet

Dairy products are a lot and you are recommended to use only Greek yogurt. This yogurt has protein-rich probiotics than other yogurts. You need to add quinoa to your diet, which is the only recommended grain with proteins and carbohydrates.

So, following a Galveston Diet will need you to avoid processed foods, high sugar foods, packaged foods, and snacks from the supermarkets, etc.

The right time?

The Galveston diet is a strict and precise plan with the food you eat and the food you need not eat. There must be a proper time constraint that you need to be following this diet, and not at random times.

During the diet plan, it would be ideal if you could be able to be following an every day intermittent fasting that will stop you 16 hours from eating. So make sure you eat between 10 am and 6 pm and the remaining hours will be when your fasting process will happen.

This intermittent fasting method will help the Galveston diet in reducing inflammation and burning fat from your body.

To be part of the Galveston Diet, you will need to pay a one-time payment of $59 and all the important details will be accessible to you.

You will read about the factors relating to inflammation, hormonal balancing, controlling weight gain, and other important aspects that relate to your body.

You will also be able to go through recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans and timings that are essential in your Galveston diet.

Trying the Galveston Diet

Galveston Diet

Going through Menopause will require you to change your lifestyle. You must be ready to adapt to changes by avoiding foods that are aggravating your health and also forcing your body to gain more weight.

You don’t have to follow the Galveston diet plan itself. There are a lot of other diet plans that are suitable for women to tackle menopausal problems. If you could go for the low sugar fruits, vegetables, and meat that has low saturated fat, then there is nothing wrong with following the Mediterranean diet plan.

But it is unsure whether the plan would be having the right supportive ingredients and foods listed to follow, to help you avoid the symptoms and inflammations caused by menopause. So, middle-aged women should follow a strict diet plan to avoid any risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Galveston diet also reveals some common dieting ideas to follow by ignoring processed foods and adding more vegetables to their daily diet plan. Opting for intermittent fasting will be an ideal selection and will be better than any other diet plan.

Since intermittent fasting is known for helping many people lose weight, it is to be considered that the Galveston Diet plan is obvious to work for women with menopause problems.



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