What Is The Best Supplement To Take For Macular Degeneration?


Among many eye diseases, AMD or age-related macular degeneration has become common these days. It is one of the eye diseases which get worse over time, and that is why as per experts it is needed to be checked at an early stage only.

If timely actions are taken, one can save his eyesight from the effects of this disease.

What Is Macular Degeneration & Its Symptoms

What Is The Best SupMacular Degenerationplement To Take For

Usually, it is a disease directly related to age only as it is a result of macular degeneration which is important for better eyesight.   AMD can result in permanent or severe vision loss, especially after the age of 60. To date, there is no defined cure for macular degeneration.

But, there are treatment methods, and taking supplements is one of them. Some of the supplements are out there in the market that can help one control the degeneration and delay the process.

In the early stage, macular degeneration doesn’t show up any symptoms, which is why many people cannot track it. Even though there will be mild symptoms, they are not noticeable.

In the majority of the cases, macular degeneration is diagnosed when it has reached a worse condition. The condition affects both eyes.


  • Less clear vision or in some cases worse vision, some patients may have a blurry vision where they cannot read small prints
  • In the center of your eye, you will notice dark and blurry areas
  • Either different or ultimately worse color perception

Treatments for macular degeneration


Experts suggest anti-angiogenesis drugs for macular degeneration. Some of the medications we can list are

  • Aflibercept
  • Bevacizumab
  • Pegaptanib
  • Ranibizumab

These drugs are helpful to block the leaking of blood vessels in people suffering from macular degeneration. In many cases, anti-angiogenesis drugs have returned the patient’s vision. But, the only thing is, treatment must be taken several times.

Best practices for eye health

Adopt these accessible practices for better eye health. These healthy, simple and best practices are also recommended by doctors if you are already suffering from macular degeneration.

  • Follow a well-balanced diet and eat healthy, dark green leafy vegetables
  • Include fresh fruits in your diet
  • Diet must also include fish at least three times a week
  • Always go for low GI carbohydrates
  • Include a handful of nuts in your diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly

Supplements for macular degeneration

It is possible to reduce macular degeneration by supplementing with micronutrients. In most of the patients, macronutrients have declined 25 per cent of the progression.

They are useful, and it is possible to avoid more advanced macular degeneration stages like vision loss through taking macronutrients.

  • AREDS2 supplements

AREDS2 supplements

The formula is as follows:

  1. Cupric oxide 2mg
  2. Zinc oxide 80mg or 25mg
  3. Vitamin E 400IU
  4. Vitamin C 500mg
  5. Zeaxanthin 2mg
  6. Lutein 10 milligrams (mg)

Here, zeaxanthin and lutein are considered unique types of phytochemicals, and they are known as carotenoids. These elements are directly related to Vitamin A.

The only thing is, the human body doesn’t produce these carotenoids, and hence it must be supplemented. We can source them from plants, and they serve as antioxidants and protect us from harmful sunlight.

When zeaxanthin and lutein are supplemented for people suffering from macular degeneration, they are converted into the retina. Vitamin E and C are also included as antioxidants.

Zinc can also bring several health benefits apart from acting as an antioxidant. Since zinc supplementation results in copper deficiency, it is also included in the supplementation. The above formula works best for macular degeneration, and it is possible to decrease the risk associated with loss of vision in AMD.

The above is the list of supplements included in the AREDS2 formula. It is very important to check the supplement labels to ensure the presence of necessary ingredients. The formula’s ratio should be as above and ensure it when you buy macular degeneration supplements.

When it comes to dosage, usually label suggests one tablet per day. Based on the severity of macular degeneration and the patient’s condition, doctors may offer a different dosage.

  • Omega-3 supplement

Omega-3 supplement

The omega-3 requirement of the body can be fulfilled by including 2-3 servings of fish weekly to reduce AMD. If the patient is eating an adequate amount, there is no need to look out for the Omega-3 supplement.

Moreover, when there is an adequate fish intake, fish oil supplements will not bring additional benefits. If you are not a fish lover but have AMD symptoms, doctors suggest fish oil supplements.

  • Lutein supplement


Lutein supplementFor maintaining eye health, a Lutein supplement is essential. If you have crossed 50 and are not a big fan of dark green leafy vegetables, you must consider lutein supplements.

Apart from that, it is better to check with the doctor about taking Lutein supplements if you have a family history of AMD. Usually, experts suggest six to ten mg of Lutein supplement in your daily diet.

Follow other strategies

If you are fighting against macular degeneration and considering supplements, you should also think about other strategies. Avoid smoking, and you can slow down the progression of macular degeneration.

Add green leafy vegetables and follow a healthy diet. Even when following a nutritious diet, it may not supply adequate zinc and antioxidants to fight against macular degeneration. Only, in that case, you should look out for supplements.

Apart from relying on supplements, you can also discuss treatment options for macular degeneration with your doctor. Injectable medications and laser therapies are two commonly suggested treatment methods for macular degeneration.

Final Verdict

Like any other supplement, even supplements for AMD must be taken after a doctor’s consultation. Even though there is no cure for macular degeneration, it is possible to prevent severe vision loss conditions when AMD is diagnosed at an early stage.

AMD can be controlled through a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. It is better to consider supplements if you have a family history of AMD, even when there is no symptom.



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